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  • Ombre Wood Buckle Bracelet - Black Tones Ombre Wood Buckle Bracelet - Black Tones
  • Two Tone Necklace 22 Inches - Cream Two Tone Necklace 22 Inches - Cream
  • 11388 11388
  • Neck-AONFN064433T-OHMY     FN06433T-8 Neck-AONFN064433T-OHMY FN06433T-8
  • 11387 11387
  • Brac-RCB-FC45343BK-OhMy Brac-RCB-FC45343BK-OhMy
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  • 40525-CRM-Necklace 40525-CRM-Necklace
  • 30355-SFTAU-Bracelet 30355-SFTAU-Bracelet
  • HB-54536-Youngs HB-54536-Youngs
  • HB-44534-Youngs HB-44534-Youngs
  • HB-44536-Youngs HB-44536-Youngs
  • HB-44054-Youngs HB-44054-Youngs
  • HB-44053-Youngs HB-44053-Youngs
  • HB-44052-Youngs HB-44052-Youngs
  • HB-43571-Youngs HB-43571-Youngs
  • HB-43569-Youngs HB-43569-Youngs
  • 40353-BZMX 40353-BZMX
  • 40065-DEN 40065-DEN
  • 40065-MET 40065-MET
  • 40065-TQF 40065-TQF
  • 30505-GRN-OMBRE 30505-GRN-OMBRE
  • 40353-MIST 40353-MIST
  • STACY_SPRING_2014_072 STACY_SPRING_2014_072
  • 40065-SARI 40065-SARI
  • 30505-RED-OMBRE 30505-RED-OMBRE
  • 30505-BLUE-OMBRE 30505-BLUE-OMBRE
  • 30505-BLK-OMBRE 30505-BLK-OMBRE
  • 20505-GRN-OMBRE 20505-GRN-OMBRE
  • 20505-RED-OMBRE 20505-RED-OMBRE
  • 20505-BLUE-OMBRE 20505-BLUE-OMBRE
  • 20505-BLK-OMBRE 20505-BLK-OMBRE
  • Ben Walk-9000-Glitterati Ben Walk-9000-Glitterati
  • Ben Walk - Darcy 548 Ben Walk - Darcy 548
  • Ben Walk-4027-Cupid Ben Walk-4027-Cupid
  • Ben Walk - Maddy 4026 Ben Walk - Maddy 4026
  • Ben Walk - Darcy 547 Ben Walk - Darcy 547

Spring Time – "Stepping with Sassiness Into Spring!"


Now that the Spring season is approaching, it is time to update your wardrobe with something new!  As the season brings about a transition, it is time for you to transition to a new Spring/Summer wardrobe – a wardrobe full of color, creativity, style and attitude.

Here at NVD Boutique, we offer our clients a high fashion selection of apparel – be it a nice dress for a casual event, a chic and tailored pantsuit for the office, or a nice handbag, stylish pumps and other accessories for that upcoming social affair.  Why not match a beautiful hat with a special occasion suit for church or other social event?  Whatever the reason, NVD is the place to acquire all that you will need (and even some things that you may not need, but just "gotta’ have it!")

Whatever you need, our fashions at NVD are designed to mark your entrance into a room with splashes of elegance and detail – exemplifying your rich fashion taste and style. Whatever your style, you will find the perfect and complete, head-to-toe ensemble at NVD Boutique. NVD believes that your style is a way of saying who you are without ever having to say a word.

Take time to view our fashion pages, as well as our links.  If there is anything that you like, place your order or send us a comment or request; we will act accordingly.

So come and join in the NVD Fashion Experience.  We would love to personally cater to you and all of your fashion needs.  We are waiting for you.  NVD ~ where your style is your attitude!

May you forever be blessed and inundated with "showers of blessings!"  Ezekiel 34:26

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Green to Glam
For Special Orders/Requests

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*Appointments can be made for special showings and/or personal requests.*

*Special consultations and personal shopping services are available.*

Miscellaneous Sales & Services

If there is anyone that is interested in purchasing white linen tablecloths for a restaurant or catering facility, please contact( 706.231.8469 ) and leave a message.
We also assist with decorating and planning services. Please contact NVD if you need assistance with your upcoming events. We will help to make your event spectacular!
Also, we are available to be vendors at your next event. Contact: 706.231.8469 or send email - natalie@virtuous-designs.com. Thank you.

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